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Products List
TL-B75, 90 series film blowing machine
SJ-50-55-60 type PVC shrink film production line
SJ-45X3 / FM 1000 SJ-50X3 / FM 120 three-layer co-extrusion Rotary Die Film Blowing Machine
TS50-TS600 Blowing Gravure connection unit
2XY-G series two layers co-extrusion Rotary Die Film Blowing Machine
XY-55/65 type clip chain ziplock bag film blowing machine
GY-CM-PVC heat shrink film blowing machine
wide-type polypropylene film blowing machine
SJ-DFY-50-600 Blown Siamese printing unit
PS dual color bar high and low pressure polyethylene film blowing machine
SJ-50, SJ-55, SJ-60, SJ-65 Polyethylene (PE) Shrink Film Blowing Machine
SJ-50, SJ-55-SJ60-speed film blowing machine
high low pressure blowing film machine
SJ-55/60/65 polypropylene film blowing machine
SJ-65,75,85 high-low pressure film blowing machine
XY55-FM600 SJ60-FM700 SJ65-FM800 double head film blowing machine

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